I remember an old saying along the lines of “bite off as much as you can then chew like fu…” Yep, I’ve done exactly that to try and start a new life in the country. I didn’t realise 6-months ago that I wanted to become a farmer, but whether I like it or not I basically have to become one now I’ve bought such a large property. I guess the irony of it all is that my time spent tinkering, racing, travelling with and generally pouring all my energy into dirt bikes has armed me with quite a few prerequisites to live on the land. And by that I mean the years I’ve spent riding in the bush, riding on peoples farms – all over Australia – and basically busting my arse in extreme terrain and weather. Sure, farming livestock is a whole new world to me, but I love animals and enjoy seeing them thrive in a healthy environment. My ultimate goal now is to turn my property into exactly that … and provide a nice backdrop for a new chapter of Motology Films.

Let the real work begin.







Building a cattle property from scratch, Riemann and his farm bike have some long days ahead …

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