ON THE PIPE III – The Protege

I’ve never been one to talk something up until it’s happened or happening, but in the world of media, I often have to blow my own trumpet about something which does not yet exist. For me, it’s a necessary evil I’ve had to accept in order to obtain the funding or support needed to fulfil aspirations beyond my means. It’s nothing more than creative begging and I’ll never be comfortable with it, but I quell any feelings of discomfort by simply going above and beyond to deliver all that I have proposed.

Thankfully, I have some good people in my corner who always seem to hear me out, regardless of how left of field my propositions may be. When all is said and done though, results speak for themselves and numbers don’t lie. Last year, I lent on my sponsors very heavily for the production of ON THE PIPE II – The hurt of Hattah, where Motology Films fully supported Louis Calvin to compete in the Hattah desert race. We went, we blew the bike up, we made a movie and it’s gone bigger than any other Australian off-road racing film on Youtube. Over 2.7 million views since it’s release last year and ticks over a consistent 230’000 views per month without any kind of digital boosting.

So with that, I’ll put my trumpet away and present you with my latest left-of-field production: ON THE PIPE III – The Protege …


Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 2.51.56 pm

Planning for the digital future: Riemann comes of age and begins passing knowledge onto a young two-stroke rider.

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  1. Trent
    Trent says:

    Awesome Adam, great to see you passing your wealth of knowledge on to the next generation.
    Can’t wait to see On the pipe lll in full, great work!


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