Motonomad III

Riders of the Andes

Motonomad III - Riders of the Andes

Motology Films brings you the latest chapter of this epic trilogy, Motonomad III – Riders of the Andes, a 7000km adventure through Chile, Bolivia and Argentina – home of the great Dakar Rally.

Testing the limits of their bikes and bodies, three friends pack bare essentials onto their motorcycles and disappear into Chile’s great Atacama desert. Following an old route of the 2014 Dakar Rally, they venture into the Altiplano – a high altitude volcanic plateau stretching across Bolivia. Battling extreme cold, Extreme altitude and limited fuel supplies, the boys race toward the highest altitude capital city in the world, LaPaz. Their journey is an insight into South American culture, a glimpse of it’s dark secrets and a wild ride across some of the toughest landscape on earth. This is more than a motorcycle adventure, it’s a story of friendship as three good mates find their way across foreign lands.

Motonomad III – Riders of the Andes Official Trailer

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  1. Sam Hill
    Sam Hill says:

    Very interesting. South to the end. Hope to do the same soon. Enjoyed your efforts of drone filming the ride. Hard work but fun.

  2. Adrian
    Adrian says:

    Adam and crew are a true inspiration, you have had the dream and turned it in to reality. Well done to you all !!!. Would love to do the same one day.

  3. John Web
    John Web says:

    You should offer a box set or a package deal for all 3. I would love to have all of them for a trip with some new riding buddies.

  4. Dylan K
    Dylan K says:

    Cool flicks Adam.
    Have seen 1 and 2, just bought 3.
    I rode the Andes in 2012 on MTB, looking fwd to seeing your Andean adventure on moto.
    Just met and had a beer with M3 Hein!
    See you on the road.


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