When making a moto film, you really don’t have time to mess around with a dirt bike. There’s so much going on with capturing the right shot that it makes the act of riding exactly that … an act! No time to moto, test or tinker – you simply need the bike to perform faultlessly when it is required between managing and setting up an assortment of tricky camera gear. It’s time consuming enough dealing with SD cards, batteries, drone signals, lens focus etc, etc, so the last thing you need is your bike to start misbehaving and messing with your game. In total, making RIDE THE WILD put 46km on the Husqvarna TE300, which in the grand scheme of things is nothing for a dirt bike. But, for a 3-and-a-half minute film, it’s a lot of to and fro, take after take and generally pissing around.

At the end of the shoot though, it occurred to me that I hadn’t so much as checked the tyre pressures on the Husky. I hadn’t touched a clicker, adjusted or tweaked anything. I simply jumped on the thing and used it like the moto appliance it is. A faultless, high performance machine that does what you need it to do without even thinking about it. In fact, I feel like I was riding it pretty well for the shoot and I can’t wait to actually go and moto the thing properly. After summer perhaps.

Good job Husqvarna, you’ve built just the kinda bike I need.

Have a great Christmas and New Years everyone – see you in 2017!




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  1. Braden
    Braden says:

    Adam, you are truly an inspiration to me. This video has gotten my hype for the winter to end, and hop on my bike and ride like you do. May I ask what song you used in this film??


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