M1- the nomadic moto.

It’s a very satisfying feeling when your ideas materialise into a beast bigger than you first imagined. My film Motonomad is one such beast, and preparations to create the next chapter are consuming most of my waking hours right now. The original concept where Mark Portbury and I rode from Austria to Egypt in 2013, is something I know can never be repeated, nor am I intent on trying to outshine the sheer audacity that made Motonomad so unique, so special, and, so dangerously extreme.

I’m now three weeks out from starting production on the next chapter, Motonomad II – a 12’000km journey across Central Asia. In terms of time and money, I’ve already invested triple that of the original film, for the simple fact I intend to seek a more creative story, traverse the most remote terrain, capture truly epic scenes, and, better represent the spirit of Motonomad. I have a new team behind me, we are a team of three – independent and unassisted – but I’ll introduce you to them a bit later.

For now, meet M1 – the 2015 KTM 500EXC Motonomad II Edition. I believe M1 is the first step towards fulfilling the next chapter, as it will allow me to travel further, faster and with less fatigue. It’s perhaps the most luxurious 500EXC on the planet, and it needs to be if I am to achieve what I feel will be an even bigger adventure than the first Motonomad. I won’t go into any more detail for now, but along with it’s sisters M2 and M3, I believe Motonomad II is shaping up to be one monumental adventure!


M1 – the 2015 KTM 500EXC pacesetter for Motonomad II

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  1. Steve Alldridge
    Steve Alldridge says:

    good onya Adam. good luck with ya next adventure. I spent a few months travelling in CA. You probably have ya route souted and planned but if ya want some off the track routes let me know.
    I also have a Polish friend that runs tours through there if you run into trouble.
    cheers sra

  2. Aaron presgrave
    Aaron presgrave says:

    Go for it brother your vids are the best on the net my 3 year old watches Motonomad all the time u have done a great job makes me wish I was u in a way good luck mate have a great adventure seeing the world on a dirt bike oh and the new bike looks awesome

  3. David Lockyer.
    David Lockyer. says:

    Keep them coming, put my money down for the original, probably seen just about everything you’ve put up over the years, and as an card carrying KTM tragic whats not to like!

  4. Mitch
    Mitch says:

    Hey Adam. So pumped for this video. I too have purchased a 500 after watching your Egypt trip.
    Can you tell us some more info on the rear loop bag and the front mask/head light?
    Good luck with the trip!


    • Matt
      Matt says:

      I am also looking to get a 500 exc after watching MNII.
      Would love more info on the bikes.
      Your inspiring a MN movement of sorts.
      I think its great.

      Keep up the good work.

  5. Pedro
    Pedro says:

    I’m with Mitch.A rundown on the build would be of great interest to a huge numberof adventurers; and make a great MAGAZINE feature { far too good to blow on the net }

  6. David Bush
    David Bush says:

    Bought a 500 a few years ago with the intent of doing the APC rally,,,heaps of people told me the bike wouldn’t do it,,,my dream has been revived by your movie,,,can’t wait for the next one,,,would luv some more info on what you did to the bikes for the trips,,,good luck and stay upright.

  7. Quinn van Niekerk
    Quinn van Niekerk says:

    Sounds like a awesome adventure mate. Will Ports be M2 or M3? Motonomad 3 needs to be Africa next…”this guy right here” will be up for a trip, Namibia, South africa, botswana, zambia, Lesotho and zimbabwe i know the 500 exc will be up for the challenge.

    Safe travels


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