I guess we all deal with grief and change in our own way. Since my Dad passed away last month, I’ve been head down arse up for every waking hour, every day. I’ve gone into machine mode, cancelling out all distractions, focusing only on what I need to achieve and allocating all my resources and energy to that and that only. It’s a somewhat selfish existence, but I figure if I don’t get out of bed and keep pushing to make my dreams reality, no one else will. It’s hard on my little family – my partner and our baby daughter, but now more than ever, all that I do is for them … for us.

In terms of change, I’ve left city life to try and fulfil a lifelong desire to live on a property. 160acres in fact, which is typical of the old saying ‘be careful what you wish for or you just might get it’ … holy shit, I got it.

Well, the bank allowed me to get it and now the gravity of owning land the size of an entire suburb is starting to set in. That, and the fact this place is a thriving menagerie of pasture, weeds, sheep, wildlife and bush means I have no choice but to become a farmer. I’ve had a few ‘what the f#ck have I done’ moments, but they quickly turn to fire in the belly. A fire that keeps me pushing, discovering how to make ideas come to fruition and keep projects turning over efficiently. I’m learning first hand that the landscape waits for no man, and I am on the rev-limiter trying to keep up with it. But I’m absolutely loving it.



As for distractions, most of you know my biggest distraction is dirt bikes. I can’t remember the last time I put bikes away for this long, but for the last 2-months I haven’t given them a thought. There’s a certain irony to this situation in that bikes have always been my escape vehicle from stress. They are my endorphin injector and bullshit suppressor, for there is no faster way to clear your overloaded mind than to grip the bars of a screaming dirt bike.

Today I realised I’ve been too focused on work, in too much of a hurry to make things happen and have totally shut out one of the things in life that makes me most happy. It took my ol’ mate Brendo from Husqvarna Australia to literally drive down to my property and throw a dirt bike in front of me … and what a wake up it was – oh how I’ve missed it!



I guess the underlying beauty of all this is, I now have my very own private moto sanctuary in which to ride and create a whole new dimension for Motology Films. As you can see, it all begins with the new 2017 Husky TE300 – officially the first dirt bike to churn my new patch of soil. And while the riding aspect of this place will always be secondary to the lifestyle, I’m looking forward to reaching a whole new level of moto creativity … stay tuned.



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  1. Corrie
    Corrie says:

    You are very fortunate and blessed to be where you are. It does sometimes take a break to get focus, re-adjust and appreciate what you have. I have been without a bike for a few months due to circumstances, and really look forward to swinging a leg over one again soon.

    Wish you all the best with your new endeavours. All it takes is passion, hard work and a bit of dirt, and dirt-bikes teach us all that. You’ll be okay ;)

  2. Geoff Badcock
    Geoff Badcock says:

    Hi Adam, so sorry for your loss of your dad. Hope you and your family are doing ok. Your new property sounds amazing! Can’t wait to see some new videos coming up. I’m a huge fan mate , love your work! All the best to you and family. Cheers Geoff

  3. mark ward
    mark ward says:

    Sad to hear of your Dads passing, but having had the opportunity to live out bush, you will adapt and eventually never want to see the city life again. Good move focussing on your passion, but don’t leave the family out of the picture, they are the important ones. Lastly, loving the look of the new husky, very nice. Good luck with your endeavours and have a great bush Xmas.

  4. Rusty
    Rusty says:

    Congratulations on a very brave move. Your perspective behind the camera, on a Moti and life in general makes you truly unique. I enjoy your work and hope for you the best.

  5. Andrew Dixon
    Andrew Dixon says:

    Thank you for sharing your personal experience. Your quality film making with such a humanistic angle incorporated with dirt bikes is an amazing talent. Look forward to seeing new adventures and anything on two wheels. All the best

  6. Mick
    Mick says:

    To a man I have loved (in a man way) for the last 33 years since grade 3 you have become an inspiration to people all around the world, BUT Adam I am about to let a big secret out. ….Everyone!!! believe it or not but he was a late bloomer with motorbikes and finally got himself an old air cooled RM 80 after alot of jealous hours of watching all his mates thrash thru the Perth hills.
    When you look at him you would think he jumped on a 250 on his 10th birthday . I think the late bloomer into the motorbikes and his massively creative mind has been the recipe for some bloody fantastic work, with the best to come. Well done Riemann

  7. M Sulaiman
    M Sulaiman says:

    Nice blog to read. I too went through the dips when my old man passed away. Sold all my bikes to get away from it all. Life goes on. Appreciate and be grateful for today and be hopeful for tomorrow. God Bless.

  8. Lincoln
    Lincoln says:

    Sorry to hear about you’re loss Adam
    Long time subscriber first time commenter, unreal too see the patch of land you have to get used to good use
    Can’t wait too see the videos that are going to come out
    Hopefully see the ol faithful CR come out
    All the best

  9. Andrew
    Andrew says:

    Sorry to hear of the loss of your father. Moving to a farm or acreage however and being amongst so much space and Mother Nature certainly puts life in perspective. We did a similar thing and find the land is a wonderful leveler. Huge fan of your work, can’t wait to see u rip it up on the TE, my fav bike.

  10. Drew Bryant
    Drew Bryant says:

    Lost my dad and best friend three years ago this coming December 26th, and I`ve been a quarter of the person that I was since then. I`ve lost my way and my interest in most everything, as everything I did was with …and or for him. It`s selfish on my part as my wife has to pay for my shortcomings, but she I know is hopeful, as am I that one day I`ll bounce back. Which of course is what he would want. Have recently bought a BMW R1200GS Adventure, but I now realize that my heart belongs on the trails. Something about two wheels you know …I always come back to it, and it always keeps me afloat. My best to you and yours Adam, fair winds and following seas!

  11. Hans Meyer
    Hans Meyer says:

    …just watching Himalayan Hero once again (15x ?)…in my office State Office of Criminal Investigations. :-) I think I’ve been watching most of your films and youtubes and snapshots during the last years. Woowww! So cool. Just addictive. Since that life changes in northern Germany and it’s all because of YOU!
    – my wife (59) got her motorbike license 3 years ago
    – she bought a brandnew Africa Twin last year as 2nd bike
    – she joined offroad classes on KTM250
    – last summer we travelled a few weeks through Russia
    !! What have you done to my wife? :-)))
    Keep it up, Adam! All the best to you and your family.
    Hope to meet you sometime.

    • Motology Films
      Motology Films says:

      Sorry for the late reply Hans, but thank you for your honesty and kind words. All the best to you and your family.


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