Two mates endure a 7000km ride from Austria to Egypt and pass through the heavily militarised Sinai Peninsula. With their lives are at risk, they make a chance discovery of religion’s most sacred landmark. MOTONOMAD is a story of friendship and the undeniable power of chance.



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  1. Cody Eblen
    Cody Eblen says:

    Howdy Adam
    I am just a dirtbag rider from the states. I’ve followed you for some years now and purchased “motonomad” at one point. Well worth the price and it inspired me to go to Cambodia and Laos and ride for a few weeks. Been a rider, not racer for a long time and fast fuckers like you make me want to be faster myself. I aint slow or old tho. Anyhow I want to watch that original motonomad vid again and havent got it anymore. How do I get it again or do I enter my info and am still in the system? I sold my wr450 and picking up a new 500exc! Cheers man and thanks for the good vids thru the years. Id like to make it to the out back one day to experience your environment. Take care man, much respect. Cody


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