Motonomad II underway.

We’re 6-days into our 12’000km Adventure and have travelled 2’500 km across Kazakhstan. The Kazak people are really friendly despite speaking absolutely no english. We have already spent 4-days living off the bikes and camping wherever our days end, but so far our most brutal day was yesterday – 800km of treacherous Kazak dirt roads and pulverised motorway to cross the Russian border. We’re having a rest day today to repack our gear, service the bikes, and, rest our bodies. This afternoon we’re continuing into a mountain range in the South of Siberia towards Mongolia. It’s been tough, we’re finding our groove, but getting it done … as a team.



Piloting M2 and M3 are my friends Scott Britnell and Hein Schwartz, who are very capable and experienced riders. Both have covered some ground racing enduro in the past, but Scott has more recently engineered a few monumental Desert challenges for himself. He currently holds the record for an unnassisted East to West crossing of Australia, which included crossing the Simpson desert.  Now piloting M2 & M3 respectively for this 12’000km journey, I believe Scott and Hein are the right men for seeing this epic adventure through to the end. It’s been a solid start with a few hiccups already, but we’re recomposed, repacked and replenished. We’ve eaten everything from Horse meat to fermented sheep cheese … fuel for the body in Central Asia.

I suspect we’ll be offline for about the next ten days … Catcha soon.


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  1. Steve Alldridge
    Steve Alldridge says:

    i like that last pic. I have driven an Iveco along that road to Russia.

    Be safe and take plenty of pics <:)

  2. Leif
    Leif says:

    Unreal, your movies have given me inspiration and I’m going to the top of the world next year though the Yukon.. Where the road ends. All on a ktm 530. Bring on the sore arse, keep those wheels turning man


  3. Christine Horne
    Christine Horne says:

    Congratulations and great work. I think your trials will not only be the roads but the food. What an experience! Scott, we saw your bike on display yesterday at Grafton Crossroads and is looking good. Safe travels..we’ll be following you. Chris & Wayne

  4. ingo &faye borleis
    ingo &faye borleis says:

    Looks amazing guys what an adventure! Good luck and most of all stay safe!! Look forward to seeing more of the action…

  5. IanC
    IanC says:

    Was the rutted road the one from Atyrau to Aktobe, and before that coming in from Astrakhan? I did that a couple months ago on the 1190, truly the worst road I’ve ever seen! Locals told be they go via the far longer root of Uralsk to avoid it.


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