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Welcome to episode 1 of the Darkhorse 3.0 build – where Adam Riemann shows you what he changes before riding off-road and how to best prepare your big bike upgrades for big adventures.

In this latest Motology Films release you are taken on a journey of transformation and technical refinement, showcasing the evolution of the Tenere 700 World Raid into what is dubbed the “Dark Horse 3.0.” This video isn’t just another instalment; it’s a testament to the philosophy of enhancing a bike not just for the sake of an upgrade, but to tailor it to the rider’s unique style, especially when that style is rooted in an Enduro, Motocross, and desert racing background. The Tenere 700 World Raid, chosen for its potential as a solid base, undergoes a series of modifications aimed at reducing weight and optimising performance for off-road challenges, marking a significant big bike upgrade in the world of adventure riding.

The initial step in this big bike upgrade involves swapping out the standard exhaust for a Motology Films signature Akrapovic slip-on. This change isn’t just about shedding weight or achieving a certain aesthetic with the sound—it’s about compatibility and performance, ensuring the bike’s engine runs flawlessly with the new setup. This episode emphasises the importance of selecting quality components that are engineered to work in harmony with the bike’s design, steering clear of the pitfalls of flashy, but ultimately inferior products.

Further enhancements include replacing the tyres with a set designed for ultimate traction, showing the importance of appropriate tyres in transforming the Darkhorse 3.0 from a street-oriented machine to a capable off-road adventurer. This practical advice, delivered amidst reflections on the adventure riding community and the pitfalls of ill-informed upgrades, resonates deeply with both seasoned riders and newcomers alike.

“Big Bike Upgrades: Making my Tenere 700 World Raid (The DarkHorse 3.0) handle better” is more than a how-to guide; it’s a narrative of passion, expertise, and a commitment to the art of motorcycle riding. As the video progresses, viewers are treated to insights into the balancing act of motorcycle modification, where the goal is to achieve a machine that feels like an extension of the rider, capable of taking on the rigours of off-road exploration with confidence and grace.

If you loved this episode featuring the Darkhorse 3.0 then you’ll most certainly love his other adventure films here, and learn something from his other How-to posts here but also as a reminder of the joy and fulfilment that comes from personalising one’s ride to perfectly suit their adventure-seeking spirit.



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  1. Ray Porter
    Ray Porter says:

    Glad to see you on the world raid, I’ve got the standard t7my mate has all three (flash bastard)
    Loving the content, wish I lived in oz . All the best
    Adam. Ray Porter( UK)


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