Today we farewell a great man, Bernie Riemann, who lost a 3-year battle with Cancer last week. Four years ago, Bernie – a complete novice to motorcycling – took on a 4500km adventure through the Himalayas with his son, Adam – a professional rider. The duo spent a month travelling on 150cc Hero trail bikes and needless to say experienced some extreme highs and lows throughout one of the worlds most majestic and treacherous landscapes. One year after their return, Bernie was diagnosed with an aggressive form of asbestos cancer, Mesothelioma. Doctors gave him 18-months to live. He doubled that sentence, walked himself out of hospital and passed among his family at home.
He will be remembered among us for his adventurous spirit and many great accomplishments, but none more astounding than completing one of the most challenging motorcycle adventures any rider could face … Godspeed Bernie

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  1. Lance
    Lance says:

    Inspirational spirit and attitude to life’s challenges. Thanks for sharing your Dad with us, Adam. Thoughts are with you and your family.


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