Disassembling an engine that has run faultlessly for over 30-years, Adam’s quest to rebuilding the Warhorse – his 1992 Honda XRV750 – takes him on a journey into the world of a Ducati V-Twin engineering master. Featuring Brook Henry, the mastermind behind Vee-Two Australia, a company that restores and re-engineers some of the greatest, most classic Ducati Engines ever made.

In the captivating journey of “Rebuilding the Warhorse: The XRV750 Africa Twin,” you are taken deep into the heart of motorcycle restoration, where passion meets precision in the quest to breathe new life into a legendary machine. This isn’t just a story about motorcycle maintenance; it’s a testament to the connection between rider and ride, and the lengths to which one will go to preserve and enhance that bond. The XRV750, known affectionately as the Warhorse, is not merely a bike; it’s a piece of motorcycling history that demands respect and meticulous care.

Rebuilding the Warhorse is a venture that Adam embarked upon with a reverence reserved for the most hallowed of tasks. This process was not about making do with superficial tweaks; it was about delving into the essence of the Warhorse, understanding its every component, and ensuring that each piece was restored or enhanced with the utmost accuracy and care. The decision to rebuilding the Warhorse’s engine was made with a clear objective: to honour the legacy of the XRV750 by enhancing its performance while preserving the soul that makes it truly unique.

At the core is the collaboration with Brooke Henry of V2 Australia, a master in the engineering of V-Twin engines. This partnership highlights the importance of seeking expertise when it comes to projects of such significance. Henry’s insights into the V-Twin engine—not just as a mechanical construct but as the heart of the motorcycle’s character— shows the philosophical approach taken in rebuilding the Warhorse. The focus on the top-end rebuild, while leaving the bottom end untouched, was a decision grounded in respect for the original engineering and a desire to maintain the essence of what makes the Warhorse special.

It is not merely a recounting of a mechanical process; it’s a narrative that weaves together the technical aspects of motorcycle restoration with the emotional ties that bind a rider to their machine. It’s a story of dedication, expertise, and the pursuit of perfection. This journey into the heart of the Warhorse serves as a beacon for those who understand that motorcycles are more than just modes of transport—they are companions, deserving of the highest levels of care and craftsmanship.

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