400KM on an E-bike


A little different to Adam’s usual adventures and content, he swaps out his throttle for pedals and rode 400km on an E-bike through a section of Western Australia’s Munda Bidi trail, capturing the essence of this adventure in this video.

Adam’s first E-bike experience unfolded into a remarkable 400km journey through the breathtaking Southwest of Australia. Invited by a friend, the challenge was not just about distance; it was a dive into the unknown, powered by the innovative Yamaha Moro. This wasn’t merely a test of endurance but a profound exploration of scenic landscapes, all while mastering the art of electric biking.

The preparation for this journey was meticulous. Understanding that 400KM on an E-bike through the great Munda Biddi trail was no small feat, the two mates equipped themselves with essential gear and supplies. Each carried a spare battery, recognising that the longevity of the ride hinged on the power they could harness. A toolkit was their assurance against unpredictability, ready to tackle any mechanical challenge that might arise.

Their backpacks were thoughtfully packed with more than just tools; they contained the essentials for sustenance and survival. Energy snacks were crucial, providing the much-needed bursts of vitality. Hydration was addressed with a water bladder, ensuring that the arid Australian air wouldn’t sap their vigour. Recognising the importance of comfort during such an extensive journey, they included a change of clothes, a simple yet critical addition to the inventory.

The Munda Biddi trail itself is a marvel, a serpentine path that cuts through dense forests, over rolling hills, and across serene landscapes. Riding the Yamaha Moro, you feel an unparalleled sense of freedom. The bike’s seamless integration with nature’s undulating contours was exhilarating. Each pedal stroke was a testament to the bike’s engineering prowess, that enables you to cover vast distances with relative ease.

The companionship, challenges, scenery, and triumph of completing 400KM on an E-bike through one of Australia’s most iconic trails was a life-affirming experience.

It highlighted the extraordinary potential of E-biking as a great alternative for off-road exploration, especially where motorcycle riding is restricted.

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