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Make Your Bike Desert Proof is the second episode of the Iron Horse restoration series – a Honda Africa Twin XRV750.

Venturing into the desert on your motorcycle presents a unique set of challenges, particularly when it comes to maintaining your bike’s engine health. As highlighted in this video, understanding the importance of proper air filter maintenance and engine preparation is critical. This guide will delve into how to make your bike desert proof.

Deserts are notoriously unforgiving environments for motorcycles, primarily due to the fine, pervasive dust that can infiltrate engines and cause significant damage. Adam emphasises the significance of the airbox and air filter modifications for desert riding. Such modifications are not just recommended for restoration projects, but are essential for any motorcycle rider looking to tackle desert landscapes.

One of the critical takeaways is the potential harm that cheap oil and inadequate air filtration can cause to your motorcycle’s engine. The desert’s dust can easily clog air filters, leading to decreased engine performance and longevity. Adam deep dives into selecting the right air filters and the importance of regular maintenance to ensure your bike remains desert proof.

An innovative solution presented involves modifying the airbox to prevent the filter from self-clogging with dust. This modification, crucial for anyone riding in dusty conditions, ensures that your bike’s engine breathes clean air, thus extending its life. Adam also highlights the use of a two-stage oiled foam filter over standard paper elements, offering superior dust protection and maintaining engine health.

Incorporating these tips and modifications can significantly impact your motorcycle’s performance and durability in harsh desert conditions. By prioritising air filter maintenance and engine care, as demonstrated in this episode, you can make your bike desert proof, ensuring it’s equipped to handle anything the desert throws its way. Whether you’re embarking on a long desert journey or exploring local trails, these insights from Motology Films will help keep your motorcycle running smoothly in any environment.

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