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Suspensions Explained

In the realm of adventure biking, it’s an undeniable fact that the correct fitted suspension saves lives. Adam Riemann, the force behind Motology Films, demonstrates this principle while gearing up for an epic journey. The focus? Upgrading his Yamaha T7 World Raid’s suspension to ensure it retains its nimble handling, even when burdened with adventure luggage for the long haul.

Riemann’s upgrade choice includes installing progressive fork springs and a Touratech shock absorber. These modifications are not just about enhancing the bike’s performance; they’re about preserving the bike’s life-saving agility. As he preps his bike, Riemann is meticulous in achieving what could be deemed the ultimate travel setup. This involves a significant reduction in the weight at the bike’s rear end, optimising its performance when it’s fully loaded with luggage and fuel.

The challenge most adventure bikers face is balancing the thrill of adventure with the practicality of their bike’s handling. Too often, the excitement leads to overloading the bike, which compromises its manoeuvrability and, by extension, the rider’s safety. Riemann addresses this issue head-on with the Touratech pro set, designed specifically for expedition use. The beauty of progressive springs lies in their ability to adjust the suspension’s response based on the load. This means the bike maintains a higher ride height in softer suspension zones, ensuring it can gracefully handle smaller obstacles like corrugations and pebbles. And in moments of impact, when the bike is at risk of bottoming out, these springs provide increased resistance to prevent any damaging metal-to-metal contact.

By prioritising the right upgrades, adventure riders can ensure their bike remains a reliable partner in their quests, blending the thrill of exploration with the utmost safety. Watch this video and find out how suspensions save lives.

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