Deep in the mountains of Norway, there is a place where motorcycling dreams are made. In this epic story, the universal language of motorcycling brings strangers together, as Adam Riemann is befriended by a school of young riders and taken into National competition …

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  1. Michael Toussaint
    Michael Toussaint says:

    Top job reiman, one of your best video to my opinion, describes so well wy we are doing this sport and how it bring us together, no matter where you are in the world, if you organise something there , will be the first one on the entry list, keep doing it 👍

  2. Bradley
    Bradley says:

    Hey Adam, just want to you to acknowledge, how much of an inspiration you, and your videos are to me and everyone’s else around the world. Everything you say, and you do in these videos, have opened my mind to better and greater things. When you receive this expression of my opinion, please don’t hesitate to reply. You are one of God’s men put in my vision, to learn from and be taught by. Thank you so much for everything you are doing in the motorcycling world, because I KNOW how much you’ve already changed it and how much you’ve shown the people in the moto world a little effort and will power can take you beyond your dreams.
    Kind regards, Bradley Akerman


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