Motonomad II – Coming 2016 !!

I’ve had a lot of people wondering what the hell is going on with Motonomad II and when is it set for release?  Well, as much as I’d like to just click my fingers and have a cinematic account of this 10’000km journey just materialize, the real work and stress has only just begun. That said, the whole MNII project to date has been the biggest and most difficult film production – on multiple levels – I’ve ever taken on. Fair to say I’ve encountered a few pressing life-lessons in the process but the experience will prove valuable when the time comes to prepare for the production of Motonomad III.

Anyway, without further delay, I hope you’ll enjoy the theatrical trailer to what I promise will be an epic film release next year…


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  1. Rusty Wilson
    Rusty Wilson says:

    If your releasing a DVD on your initial release I’ll go ahead and pre-order if it helps you out!
    Take me on the next one!

  2. Thomas Egger
    Thomas Egger says:

    Hi ADAM! Thanks for the trailer and Info. Can imagine you’re looking on tons of videos to sort out – for me: maybe you think on a MNII std lenght version and a MNII extended lengt version (part I II & III with 2 hours each???) just thinking – because Himalaja brought me on this – it had so many fantastic landscapes – would be nice to see more of your trips! So don’t hurry – or maybe you must hurry to deliver good. Don’t know; but I’m sure it will be great again! Kind regards from Austria Thomas


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