The secret to riding confidently offroad

Log hopping on the Yamaha T7 for a Motology Films clip

Do you want to ride offroad with confidence and take your adventure bike control to the next level? Most adventure bike riders will never progress off-road until they learn to transfer all their weight to the rear of the motorcycle while simultaneously lifting the front wheel. Sounds easy? In this video we’ll show you the basic skills of controlling your throttle, as well as weighting the rear of the bike to loft the front wheel across surprise obstacles and rugged terrain. This video is intended for entertainment purposes only and showcases a professional rider in a controlled environment.


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  1. Alberto Angulo
    Alberto Angulo says:

    Muy completo el video muy buen explicado where can i see more videos..
    Saludos from Mexico I just buy a Aprilia Tuareg 660 nice and powerful bike


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